At this time of year, we all make choices.   Which will it be?  Paperwhites, or poinsettias? 



I’m a paperwhite person, myself.  I buy the bulbs around Thanksgiving and pot them in random pieces of crockery that have accumulated from yard sales and such.  But I know not to give one to my friend Carol, because she associates the sweetly strong smell of paperwhites with death.  While I almost never buy poinsettias, I do enjoy them if I get one as a gift.

And I say Poin-sett-EE-ah, because there’s an I in there.  But lots of people around here say “poin-sett-ah.”  It’s just one of the many divisive issues of Christmas.

Another is the fruitcake, much maligned back in the heyday of Ann Landers.  The Christmas fruitcake became a national joke.  If you like them, step up and say so.  Be proud!



In this house, we are not fruitcake people per se, but we love the rum cake a neighbor bestows on us every year.  And we also love the fruit-studded bread from Trader Joe’s that comes in a big box.  Great for breakfast and tea time, and sold only in the last two months of the year.  When it comes to holidays sweets, nothing says Christmas like sugar cookies.  Ours don’t look like this, but they taste delicious.

christmas cookies

And as for gifts, would you rather receive this item from Macy’s - or just what goes inside it?

december 453

As for me, I’ll take just the money, thanks.  I’m pretty sure I can find an empty spaghetti sauce jar and lid in our basement.  And unless you’re stuffing said jar with thousand dollar bills and truckloads of change, I can dump it out on my bed and count it myself, thanks.  No batteries or LEDs required. 

I’d love to hear about your favorite holiday foods, flowers, or traditions, if you can grab a moment during this extremely hectic, hobligation-filled time.

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