For those of us who celebrate Christmas, we’re into the final mad rush of preparations.

Most of my shopping and wrapping is done.  Teenage boys mostly want new clothing and sports gear.  Easy.

And not that I’m complaining, but what was with all the free shipping this year?  Did LL Bean and Amazon just tack $10 onto the price of every item?  Perhaps on-line research revealed that too many people went through the order process only to bail when they got to the final steps due to shipping shock, and this was the way to prevent that from happening again in 2010.

My dad and brother Jim are arriving tonight, 24 hours in advance of original plans, in order to beat a predicted snowstorm.  Malcolm will move back to the top bunk, Ian will move back into Malcolm’s room, my dad will take over the guest room from Ian, and Jim will get a blow-up mattress on the third floor.   I don’t want anyone sleeping on a couch in the living room, with duffel bags and dop kits slopping around.   Next on the to-do list:  washing sheets and making up beds.

Also cookies.  I still haven’t made the cookies!  Tried to enlist Ian in this project, since he is a talented and willing baker, but he’s too busy running around with his friend Freddy and creating art.  Maybe this afternoon, when he gets up, I can rope him into some baking.

Mostly,  fun stuff remains.  Tea party with Kay tomorrow.  Lunch with Emily following.  Baking cookies.  Eating, drinking, and being merry. 

What remains on your To Do list?
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