Have you ever played the game, “Would You Rather?”  It takes many forms and can be enjoyed by grown-ups and children alike.  Not only does it offer interesting topics upon which to meditate, but it always gives you a nice glimpse into the psyche of your playmates.  My only issue with this game is that often the questions are so far reaching and fantastical, that your responses, at best, are guesses.  To be honest, I’m not really sure who I would marry if given a choice between George Clooney and Brad Pitt  (I think I’d tolerate Clooney but given the option, I might waffle.)  My point is this :  This choice will never be presented to me, so how much does my answer truly reveal?

So I propose a real world version of “Would You Rather?” – comprised only of scenarios that a normal human being would face.  Here 10 questions to consider:

1. You are running out the door and realize that despite feeding your children, you neglected to make lunch for yourself.  Which leftovers would you rather eat off your child’s plate to hold you over until dinner?

  1. PB&J Crusts
  2. Cold hot dog tips
  3. Petrified macaroni n’ cheese

2. You promised you would take the kids to the movies but scheduling requires that each child must be taken separately. Which movie would you rather sit through twice?

  1. Alvin and the Chipmunks
  2. Shark Boy and Lava Girl
  3. March of the Penguins

3. You have 2 hours in the afternoon all to yourself at home, but you are unexpectedly delayed for over an hour at noontime.  Would you rather be delayed:

  1. At work
  2. In traffic
  3. In a doctor’s office

4. Your best friend asks if you would help her/him with their child’s sleepover birthday party.  Fifteen children will be camping out in the backyard.  Would you rather these children be:

  1. Boys
  2. Girls

5. On vacation, the universe decides to give you a child who complains incessantly for the entire time about conditions beyond your control.  Would you rather the situation be that:

  1. You’re skiing and the child’s boot hurts
  2. You’re at the beach and the sand makes your child itch

6. Your child has volunteered to take care of one of the classroom pets over the summer.  Would you rather house a:

  1. Pregnant hamster
  2. Smelly bunny
  3. Loud bird

7. You are planning a group safari to Africa and need to assemble enough people to hire your own driver and guide.  Would you rather go with:

  1. Your extended family, including one dysfunctional member
  2. A group of friends, including the spouse nobody likes

8. You are on a 6 hour flight across the country.  Would you rather sit in:

  1. First class next to a woman who does not stop coughing
  2. Coach in a middle seat next to two people who sleep the entire flight

9. You receive a call from the middle school principal’s office who wants you to come in to discuss “the situation” with your child.  Would you rather that your child got caught:

  1. Cheating on a test
  2. Playing hooky
  3. Making out at his/her locker

10. The Universe only gives you what you can handle and decides that you need a little challenge along the way.  Would you rather you get a child who:

  1. Doesn’t eat from ages 2-10
  2. Can’t stop eating from ages 11-16

Warning:  This game is not for the weak at heart.  Life is full of tough choices.  After ripping off theses questions in less than 15 minutes, I think I’d rather choose between Clooney and Pitt.

Which of these questions have  completely obvious answers?  Any of them stump you?  What real life “would you rathers” have you encountered lately?
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