Coming off the weekend, I had a number of topics from which to choose for this glorious Monday morning post. In fact, I had actually settled on a bit of commentary surrounding my recent experiment involving some over the counter CVS brand teeth whitener. However, MoB readers will have to sit on the edge of your seats for THAT one because as I was uploading photos, I was taken by the following pic which I snapped just a few days ago:


Now I am asking all the wives out there: If you were me and came across this scene in your home you would:

A) Begin to believe that over time owners really do begin to resemble their pets.

B) Stand there with tears in your eyes because nothing is more sweet and deserving of a huge snuggle and ten thousand kisses than that adorable puppy husband of yours.

C) Hover dangerously close until someone senses that they are being stared at by the woman who just completed five loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, fed the children and still has a s*#@ load of work to do.

To be fair, and I have attested to this fact before, Dave is one of the good guys. He cooks, does all the yard work, cleans the cat litter box, is extremely handy, plays with the kids and will basically do anything I ask of him as long I am prepared to ask at least four times. Unfortunately for him, he married me, a tender yet admittedly sometimes wenchy creature who rarely sits as long as there are chores to be done, projects to be started, or world hunger to solve. Somehow, my knee jerk reaction to Dave’s perfectly innocent rest time is, “NO ONE RESTS UNTIL MOMMY RESTS!” But the trouble is, I don’t rest.

Acknowledging this family dynamic for once, I resisted my usual response – C – and chose B with one exception: I snuggled and kissed the dog. I may have forgotten to mention one tiny piece of information: Dave had run the Philadelphia Half Marathon earlier that morning at a personal best time. I figured he earned a break.

Especially from his wife.

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