When the boys were little and I had to take them to horrible movies like Pokemon 3, smuggling a book and a flashlight into the theatre was the only thing that saved my sanity.   Chris drew the short straw on the Thomas the Tank Engine movie, as I recall.

I still remember some of the brilliantly scripted moments in Pokemon 3.  Immortal lines like “Maybe you will, Ash.  MAYBE YOU WILL.”  That movie was written by a 19 year old in about 25 minutes.

Times have changed, the boys have aged, their taste in movies has improved, and they usually don’t want us to darken the door of a theatre with them.  Recently though, Chris and I drove into the city at 10 PM with Ian to see Whatever Works, in which Larry David channels Woody Allen.

We were all entertained in equal measure.  There was a rollicking movie review discussion on the drive back home.  Ian contributed information we didn’t have, and vice versa.

So hang in there, those of you with little kids who are still getting roped into watching dreadful movies at the theatre.  Things will improve.   There will come a time when you’re going to a movie that everyone wants to see equally.   It may sound impossible, but this is the kind of miracle that really does happen, in time.

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