Last evening, I was finishing up my work when I got an email from an editor at who I had written some pieces for in the last year.  iParenting is a very informative parenting (duh) site, recently bought by Disney.  This editor has responsibility for the pregnancy, baby and toddler channels which often compel me to remember what life was like before my kids could go to the bathroom by themselves or before I had kids at all.  I had stopped writing for the site in the Spring as I wanted to focus on MoB.  Recently however, we reconnected and she offered me an assignment. I had just finished emailing her back that I would do the piece when Dave arrived home from work and, as is customary, entered my office to have our 53 seconds of quality time.

Me: Hey.  I just took an assignment from iParenting.  It’s due in about 2 weeks.

Dave:  What’s this one about?

Me:  The Pros and Cons of Short Labor.

Dave:  You mean like Oompa Loompas?


About 15 minutes later, Chase came barreling up the stairs into my office. 

Chase:  Mom!  I just made my homework so much fun!

Mom:  Really?  Tell me.

Chase:  I made a contraction chair! Come see!!

Those of you who know my youngest know that if any human being is going to invent a chair that helps ease contractions, it would be him — and the chair would be made out of tin foil.   As I descended the stairs, I wondered to myself whether his contraction chair would be helpful for Short Labor.  And it just might.

The Dog on the “Contraction Chair”

contraction chair 1

Extreme Close-Up of Contraction Chair

contraction chair 2

For women in short labor who have no time to find their words, this chair will help.

We should’ve left the house earlier.

Why don’t you make yourself useful and stop counting!?

I can’t believe you did this to me!

Recently, Jennifer and I had a “marketing meeting” about what we can do to broaden the MoB readership.  In her beautiful pragmatic way she suggested that I get pregnant for web hits. (She was joking)  Last week Heather Armstrong ( announced that she was pregnant – not for hits, trust me, she doesn’t need them.  And today – the aforementioned unsolicited references to a condition I found myself in a time long, long ago.  Coincidence or Karma?  Just to be safe, I think will sleep in the guest room tonight.  And maybe tomorrow night, too.

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