Apropos of nothing, today’s post is of little relevance except if you’re a mother of brothers, sisters, or any sibling combination, your tummy is probably not as flat as it once was.  And so I bring you  musings on….girdles.  These thoughts were prompted by a recent library basement purchase:  a 1939 French magazine featuring this fabulous ad.  While the graphics are amazingly stylish, I seriously doubt this model needs all that armature.

I remember my roly-poly comfy-cushy grandma wearing whale-bone corsets.  A two second bit of online research reveals that whale-bone was actually not bone, but the baleen teeth of whales, used to sieve out edible content from mouthfuls of ocean water.  It was pliable, hence attractive to corset makers.  Now Spanx are all the rage.



Don’t you wish you had invented this product?  Come on!  It’s so obvious!  Come up with something that disguises figure flaws that doesn’t involve killing endangered species.  Something that is actually comfortable.  Something with a kinky name so men think it’s sexy. 

Apparently these have been selling like hotcakes for nearly 10 years.  My friend Linda, who despite being a mother of brothers is in perfectly thin condition, and I checked out the Spanx displays while Christmas shopping but both of us passed on the purchase, at least until later.  If any of you have product reviews on Spanx, I’d love to hear them.  I think I’m the last person in America, besides Linda, not to take the plunge.  

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