We were on our way back from the St. Lawrence River last Saturday, but we weren’t delivering Ian to meet his friend Freddy in the Poconos until Sunday.

What to do?  To fill the gap, Chris had the great inspiration to plan an overnight trip that would take us to Ricketts Glen State Park.  We had always heard rave reviews of the place, but had never made it there. 

Our hike began in misty conditions, trending into serious rain.  No matter.  Kitted out in cheap plastic ponchos from the camp store, we had 21 waterfalls to ogle in the short loop of trail. 

Spotted on the hike:  a stone throne, a tangerine-colored salamander, a little grey shrew, few other people, and evidence of bears (maybe the last two items are related).

Here is photographic evidence that we finally visited Ricketts Glen.  It is as stunning as a national park, but thank heavens it isn’t.  Because it’s free.  Thank you, state of Pennsylvania!

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