Simply put, birthdays mark the date you were born.  They are a fundamental recognition of your existence and pretty much nothing more. I know this sounds cold, but think about it.  After all, it’s not like you ACCOMPLISHED anything to be born.  You were a victim of complete happenstance.   But here you are and, if you are lucky,  there are people out there who are happy that you are part of this world and want to celebrate your existence.  With cake.

If you are like me, you tend to put a fair amount of stock into how others, especially significant others, celebrate your birthday.  Did they remember?  Did they buy you a present?  Was it a good one?  All very nice things when they go your way.  Personally I’ve had some great birthdays and some tough ones – almost exclusively at the whim of others.  You too?  I think it’s time to stop this trend and ask the bigger question:   How do you celebrate yourself?  Are YOU glad you exist?

Yes.  Yes you are.

Nancy Illman over at Unburied Treasure wrote a darn good blog post about taking charge of your own birthday.  Among other suggestions, she recommends “a glittery tiara to wear while you plan and/or execute your birthday celebration.”  I put this recommendation into the file marked “brilliance,” right next to the suggestion that you argue with your spouse naked.  It sets the right mood.  How can you NOT be in a good mood when wearing a tiara? Or naked? Or naked wearing a…… never mind.

Thank you to my mother for having my 42 years ago.  Mothers are the ones who should really be celebrated on their children’s birthday.  They actually DID something worth mentioning that day.

Thank you to my family – immediate and extended — for trying to make my birthday special.  Thanks to the brothers for eating Israeli food this weekend and to Dave for dealing with boys trying to eat Israeli food without killing them.

Thank you to my dear friends who know it is my birthday without looking on Facebook.  And to my Facebook friends for taking the time to wish me well.  I am so very blessed to have old (you know who you are) and new (you know who you are) friends.

And a special thank you to my sister for digging in her dress up trunk in the basement for me on Sunday.  Today is my 42nd birthday.  And regardless of what this single, meaningless day actually brings, I’m so glad that I get to participate in this thing called life on a daily basis.  Some days are good, some are not, but I’m really thankful I get to play.   So I’m wearing the tiara.  All day.  Even out to lunch.

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