Why haven’t I invented an iPhone app yet?  Why haven’t you?

There’s really no excuse.   From all accounts, inventing an app is fun, easy, and the latest road to riches.

I need an app for tracking stinkbug outbreaks (tied to the full moon, I repeat), for finding thrift shops and rummage sales, for noticing obstacles as I walk down the street looking at my iPhone (wait, that’s already been invented), and of course, for figuring out who sits where when more than one family with numerous kids meets up at a restaurant. 

Loyal MOB reader Ed Davids, whom my husband nicknamed Dead Aphids years ago, has a son named Jeremy.  Jeremy and his wife have three kids (two boys and now a baby girl!), and he actually has invented the last app mentioned. 

I am so proud, even though I had nothing to do with it.  It’s tangential pride.

Here’s a fun clip from Jeremy’s local NBC affiliate in North Carolina.  Watch it and weep that you didn’t think of this, even after too many dinners defined by chaos and pandemonium.  And no, Jeremy, you don’t look like a control freak.  Not.  At.  All.


Happy weekend to all!

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