I am in Ohio, arriving yesterday morning about…uh…8 years late.  It has been that long since Alison and Rob, two of my best friends from college (who were smart enough to marry each other) relocated here with their totally cool kids Josh (my God son) and Maddie.  During these last few years, anytime I was ever feeling like decent human being, I would remind myself that I had never been to Ohio to visit my dear friends and I would immediately recalibrate my worth to a more appropriate, swiney level. 

So when Rob called me a few weeks ago and asked if he could fly me out to the Buckeye State for Alison’s 40th birthday (today), I really didn’t think hard.  I even agreed to the surprise element which MoB readers know I abhor. 

I have to say it was pretty awesome.  Yesterday, there was a party at an art studio already planned for Alison and when she arrived, there I was, clad in a smock, holding a brush, and standing at an asel – you know like I do all the time.  In Ohio. 

DSCN2408   DSCN2413


Rob, Al and I were often the three musketeers in college.  I think our tri-closeness may have sometimes intrigued confused people but, alas, there was nothing remotely interesting going on there.  Simply put, they were meant for each other… and I was meant to be the third leg of our stool of silliness.  It has held up well.

Later today we are having a huge dance party.  In our pajamas.  In Rob and Al’s living room withtheir kids because this is what you do with people you love. I brought the CD of cheesey 80′s dance music. (Two words:  Milli Vanilli)  I think it might be the best party of the year.

I hope when the brothers grow up they have friends like I have friends.  You know, the kind who scarily enthusiastically embrace the concept of recreating a Penn Football game photo circa 1989. Or the kind that  you can dance with in your pajamas.  Or the kind who never mention the fact that it took you 8 years to come join the fun once again.



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