I actually have not seen that Bette Midler movie all the way through, but I believe it also involves Barbara Hershey and one other actress, plus various revelations and sundry earthy jokes.

This past weekend, I experienced my own version of Beaches.  Three women, one gorgeous beach house, dozens of conversations, three restuarant meals, one new book read almost in its entirety (Started Early, Took My Dog – gorgeous prose from Kate Atkinson, as always), and two long walks along the coastline.  Although the shore in question was in New Jersey, our experience had nothing in common with Jersey Shore.  No Snooki.  No gym, no tanning salon, no bars. 

The following points were stipulated and ratified:

Barfing scenes in movies are disgusting and gratuitous.  And really, WHY?  I suggested that the vomiting scenes from the Jeff Bridges country music movie Crazy Heart were the worst (come on, fishing his glasses out of the garbage can and putting them BACK ON??) but was informed that no, the worst was actually from a  recent Michael Cera movie, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.  And when the details were described to me, I had to gaggingly agree.

We all buy candy and hide it from our husbands and children.  Long may we reign.

Many children who appear feral and/or hopeless as pre-teens actually grow up to be lovely and charming teeangers and young adults.  It’s a small, everyday miracle.

With these scenes from two long walks on the beach, I wish you all a wonderful week.

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