Maternal guilt is riding high over here at MoB these days… 

Well, maybe not too high… 

Okay, I actually think Jennifer and I have come to terms with our most recent parental misstep… 

Fine, we don’t have any guilt whatsoever but we do feel obligated to recognize a birthday.

Last week, on May 15, 2009, as the two of us were blogging away about nothing, Mothers of Brothers quietly turned 1 year old.

Happy Birthday MoB!!   (Look, we made you a cake!)

1 year

It’s not that we aren’t excited.  It’s just that this blog = youngest child for both of us.  Those of you with more than one kiddo understand how this works, right?  The oldest gets the huge 1 year old birthday party complete with “friends”, relatives, deli platters, maybe a creepy clown, and lots of cake.  The next child gets a smaller party (no deli and you learned your lesson with the clown; the kids were fine but you had nightmares for a week).  By the time you get to kids 3, 4, 5 or more, those children are lucky if you even remember because at that point you are wise enough to realize that they won’t.  And since MoB is, um, a blog, it will hopefully not remember that we failed to throw it a party.

But make no mistake.  We are still very proud.

I think we happily surprised ourselves, blogging every weekday for a year.  And while it consumed hundreds of hours, it never felt terribly burdensome.  We never stopped to think about the time it took or the effort it required.  We just did it.  Behind the work was a tremendous amount of pride and joy.   Like having children.

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were interviewing midwives WordPress developers to bring our blog to life.  And after a full year, I think we can finally enter the theme editor pages of the admin site without worrying that we are going to break it.  Almost.

If you feel compelled to sing Happy Birthday to MoB today, my boys request that you sing it quickly because “when you sing Happy Birthday slowly (as most people do), it sounds like a sad song.” 

Thanks to all the MoB readers who have joined our party for the last year – whether its everyday, a few times a week, or whenever you are wildly procrastinating.  Here’s to another terrific year!

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