When was the last time you made a new friend? Children make shiny new friends all the time.

Stranger Kid 1: Did you see Indiana Jones?

Stranger Kid 2: Yeah – that was awesome. Do you have Super Mario Smash Bros?

Stranger Kid 1: No, but I played it at my cousin’s house once and I told my Mom I have to get it.

Stranger Kid 2: Yeah, dude.

This is the foundation for a long and meaningful tween friendship.

But as an adult – especially an adult with children – it is a truly a feat when you connect with someone completely on your own terms – and click. So it’s easy to raise the white flag on friend making with very good excuses:

“I’m too busy to make new friends. I can’t even keep up with the old friends!”

“I really like her but I can’t stomach her children (or husband)”

“I don’t need any more friends. I have my family.”

Let me tell you that a new friend is a gift. I have been lucky to make a number of new friends over the last several years. One of them is having a birthday today.

In a matter of months, Jennifer has not only become my blogging partner, but also a source of support, motivation, inspiration, and yes, she has become my friend.

How lucky was I to connect with someone who is living a parallel life less than a mile away? Someone who shares my daily angst about work, sons, and husbands? Someone who wants to grow beyond who she is today even though she is already a totally evolved, interesting, and delightful person? As much as I LOVE the MoB blog and can chat with Jennifer for hours about it, I mostly enjoy her friendship.

I asked Chris to send me a favorite picture of Jennifer for my “tribute extraordinaire.” He picked a winner.


Happy Birthday Jennifer! Thank you for the gift you gave me this year. My friend.

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