Chris was aghast over this “Donate Your Car” ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer a few days ago.

 ”First of all, children shouldn’t be driving.  But blind children?  What the BLEEP?!” 

And how stagey is that photo, anyway? 


In other news, burkhinis have been banned in France, probably for showing too little skin and for being tres un-chic.  They’re still legal in this country, which is good, because this is about the only kind of swimming suit I would feel like trying on under the harsh lights of the dressing room.


And finally, we’re eagerly anticipating the return of Mad Men on Sunday night. 

As a lover of all things vintage, this show is a dream to watch.  The props and styles are perfect.  Banana Republic has jumped onboard the 1960s Express, hyping Mad Men styles this fall.  Jon Hamm – I will point out – grew up in St. Louis and went to the University of Missouri.  That means he and I have spent time in the same town, in the same state, albeit in different decades.  Same with Brad Pitt.  We’ve probably all gone to the same Taco Bell!  My little link.

And they both conform to the Missouri rule of having a noun last name.

Check out this brilliantly bizarre SNL sketch:  john ham

A merry weekend to all, as we plunge into the middle of August.






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