Finding this beloved book from my childhood remains a holy grail.  I know it has been reprinted in paperback form, but what I really covet is the mid-century hardcover version, exactly like the one my mom checked out of the Gardner, Kansas public library over and over, to read over and over to my brothers and me.  Many other baby boomers have had the same idea, making this book a rare, and thus expensive, commodity.  I keep my eyes peeled at every library sale, and one of these days, I’ll strike gold.  Blue gold.

In the meantime, there are real-life bluettes to use up.  Currently, we are sprinkling them on cereal, and adding them to cut-up melon chunks.  Here is a great recipe for banana-blueberry bread (I just use two cups of flour instead of the cornmeal) (and I mix everything in one bowl with no downside).

 The cashier at Trader Joe’s last night asked if I’d ever tried blueberry ice cream.  No.  He said his mom used to make it, and it was the most delicious ice cream flavor he’s ever had.

Hmmm.  We do have that Donvier thing in the basement freezer that Ian bought at Goodwill a couple of years ago.  Hugh hauled it out to make vanilla ice cream on his birthday, and it was as easy as pie.  Donvier + cream + sugar + vanilla + blueberries = blueberry ice cream.  I shall report back.



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