One of the joys of having older kids is the loosening of parental TV censorship.

Also the fact that the boys have outgrown painful children’s shows.  I’m still scarred by memories of Barney, Power Rangers and Keenan and Kel.

Now, most of us can enjoy inappropriate shows together!  A current favorite is Bored to Death.


Ted Danson hilariously portrays a rich magazine magnate who wants to share in all the adventures of one of his young writers,  played by Jason Schwarzman.  Tall, skinny Ted has an orange skintone, worsened by make-up.  That, topped with his white hair, caused Malcolm to observe, “He looks like a carrot dipped in ranch.”

It’s that kind of commentary from the peanut gallery that makes the show even more enjoyable.  (Note:  Malcolm is not actually allowed to watch this yet, but he has glimpsed a scene here and there).

We are under strict orders to DVR every episode for Ian, who also wants a library of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (so raunchy I boycott it), Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Ace of Cakes awaiting him upon his return from Europe next month. 

And no clunky black plastic cassettes are involved in saving these shows.

This month, I give thanks to the wizards who invented TIVO and DVR technology.

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