I’m not a huge James Bond fan.  I’m not even a small James Bond fan. And I have never found any of the actors who portray 007 the least bit appealing.  But my house is filled with Y-chromosome type species which means James Bond will live another day.

Yet despite my ennui for this misogynist character, I am always intrigued with the titles of the James Bond movies, mostly for their distinction from one another.  With the exception of the words “live” and “gold” and “day”, the movie writers mix up the film names quite a bit and for good reason.  The titles may be the only element about each installment that is truly different from the last.  James Bond XVII just wouldn’t cut it.

And while Bond has an uncanny ability to save himself from the most harrowing situations, I often wonder how he would fare taking care of my kids for a few hours.  So, for every parent out there who has ever experienced a hissy fit because the chocolate milk was shaken and not stirred (or vice versa), here are the real 007 titles from our very own lives.  

Head Lice Never Dies

You Only Bite Once

The Cookie is not Enough

Timeouts are Forever

Toybraker or…. Sickfaker

The Mom with the Silver Mini Van

The Required Nightlights

Never Say Maybe Again

For Your Rash Only

Dr. No, But Maybe Next Time if You Behave Better


Give In or Let Cry

Quantum of Homework


On His Majesty’s Secret Pillow Fort

Lazy Eye

Banana Fudge Royale

Kill Another Goldfish

The Brother Who Kicked Me

A Cue for the Pill

From Mommy, With Love


How many of these have you seen?


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