The winds of change are blowing strong. This election season, the people of this country will put into office either the first African-American president or the first beauty queen, grandmother, moose killing creationist woman vice president. It is an exciting time to be an American. And while we have come so very far on a national basis in terms of who we think is able to lead our country, in thousands of tiny pockets across this great land of ours we have made no progress whatsoever. We are still playing the exact same politics and following the same unwritten rules that we bowed to in the 1970′s when I was a little girl. You all know what I’m talking about.

Hall monitors.

No matter how much progress has been made elsewhere in our political system, hall monitors will continue to hand picked from the exact same demographic. It’s a good ol’ kids network, comprised entirely of goody two shoes fifth graders with near perfect attendance records. Sure these kids love their school, but are they really, truly ready to narc on their friends? They’ve done their homework but how much experience do they really have when it comes to telling the difference between walking and running? Oh they stand there and look the part, but when asked what they actually do, they can’t really tell you, can they?

You can put cherry chapstick on the piglet but it’s still a piglet.

May history absolve you, my son.


On this day, take a moment to think about what it means to be an American. I, for one, am so very proud.

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