Last spring, our talented art director friend (and devoted MOB reader) Kevin Reilly designed a series of countdown-to-birthday cards for his niece, who is also his god-daughter.  Francesca was so thrilled to find a card in the mailbox every day for the 10 days leading up to her 10th birthday that Kevin had one of those lightbulb moments.  “Hmmm, if Francesca loved it, other kids probably would too.  And there’s nothing on the market even remotely like this.”

Sending something by snail mail is so old-fashioned, it’s downright new again.  We’re all inundated by email…but it is a joy to open the mailbox and find actual hand-writing on an envelope, with more handwriting inside.   It is truly a rarity these days.

Realizing this, a new business idea was born.  With lots of help, love and input from his talented copywriter wife Linda, and sons Eric and Ethan, Can’t Wait Cards was born.  They help you forge a bond with a kid in your life, and give the kid something to remember forever.  

I’m very excited to present this idea today.  Here’s the link.  Read all about it!

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