Coming up with Christmas card ideas was much easier when the boys were little. 

Like the time I bought them all black turtlenecks and asked our dear friend, talented photographer Paul Crane, if he would use a black backdrop.  Paul very kindly went out and bought one just for our shoot, he later admitted.  I love how the boys’ faces, hair and hands became the focal points. 

On the actual card (which I can’t find right now) we put the words “We three” on the front, a little play on Melchiorre, Balthazare, and Beelezub, or whatever the kings’ actual names were.  inside the greeting continued, with “wish you a lovely Christmas.”  Ian is still getting grief from his friends about this photo, one of whom called it “the most creepy-ass card I’ve ever seen.”  Ah, the blunt honesty of teenagers.  You have to love/hate it.

This year, inspiration has not struck, and probably won’t.  So as a little warning to any readers who are normally on the Reynolds Christmas card list, the absence of an envelope in the mail this year doesn’t mean your name has been crossed off.  It just means we didn’t get our act together.  Because:

1.  All the boys have veto power over the photo, and if two out of three like it, you can bet the third will not.

2.  The one picture they all approved turns out to have been taken in autumn of 2007

3.  We missed the deadline for ShutterandSnapfishandfly

4.  No clever idea has yet occured to any of us.

5,  College application deadlines trump Christmas card mailings.

5.  All my best photos and thoughts about family life are diverted into this blog.  

So, think of these posts as a little Reynolds update every other day.  They are, after all, far more informative than any annual greeting.  And you get to know Emily’s family at the same time! 




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