Honestly, the only part of the Thanksgiving meal I truly enjoy are the marshmallows on top of the sweet potato casserole.

These words were shared with me, hopefully not in confidence, by my dear friend Sue as we were discussing our Thanksgiving meal plans earlier this week.  And while I enjoy many traditional items on my Thanksgiving plate, I am SO with her on the marshmallows.  It is the one time each year when marshmallow is kind of served as a vegetable with dinner.  When we do Thanksgiving here at home, I always request the sweet potato casserole with marshmallows.*

I think this request secretly horrifies my husband, who is a bit of a foodie.  You know the type right?  They watch Top Chef a little too intensely?  They talk about spices most of us have never heard of?  They don’t giggle when referring to a great dry rub?  Sound familiar?  I am fairly certain Dave could do many things to sweet potatoes that involve words like caramelized, blanch, and en croute.  But for Thanksgiving, I prefer words like “generously sprinkle” or “layer with reckless abandon”.

At the risk of risk alienating all my foodie friends, my best Thanksgiving meals have been simple and traditional, perhaps with one experimental dish that satisfies any Iron Chef cravings in the home.  Loyalty to tried-and-true recipes eliminates significant stress on a holiday that has plenty of stress built in without having to worry about whether the venison, pear and pine nut stuffing turns out.  (Lisa K .– I know you are with me, right?)

They call it comfort food for a reason.

A very happy and safe Thanksgiving to all the MoB readers!  Jennifer and I are so very thankful for all of you.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving comfort food?  You can only pick one thing.  Share in the comments below.

*To my mother-in-law who is now gravely worried that she isn’t having sweet potatoes with marshmallows tonight:  It is okay. We are still coming.

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