For years, we owned the coolest coffee maker in town.  It was the Bodum Santos.


Isn’t she beautiful?   But just looking at her doesn’t do the appliance justice.  Brewing was a religious experience.  During this 10 minute process, the water in the pot was heated to a boil and sucked up into the top container were it bubbled and churned for a minute or two.  Then, the coffee maker would heave a great sigh and release the fresh brewed Java into the pot.  When guests came over, serving coffee wasn’t a nicety.  It was an activity.  Everyone would crowd around the pot and watch it brew, not unlike the ritual of grownups standing around watching a cute baby sleep.  Dave and I were so proud.  But Dave especially.

But like all appliances that are a bit too complex for their own good, this coffee maker had a short life.  Only the good die young, I say.  Whereas normal coffee pots can go for years, this pot had a life expectancy of about 18 months.  We know this because every time it died, Dave would go out and buy a new one.  We have had four.  They are not inexpensive.  But we were addicted to the attention.  (For the record, it did make very good coffee).

So when Bodum Santos IV died last week, I gently suggested that we purchase a standard brewer that may give us a longer length of service.  This concept took on steam as Dave discovered our alien coffee maker was permanently discontinued. (I can’t imagine why.) 

But alas, Dave couldn’t bring himself to buy a regular old coffeemaker.  He can’t let go of the coolness factor.  It has defined him for too long.  The cool coffeemaker and Dave have become symbiotic, like Elliot and ET.  If he is not “guy with cool coffeemaker”, then who is he?

Well, he is no longer Bodum Santos.  He is now …..Technivorm MoccaMaster.  And so am I.  Drop by anytime and we’ll show you how it works.


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