By now, readers of this blog are aware that I am a highly critical person.  Or, as my sons would say, a “nit-picker.” 

I can’t help it.  I notice misspellings, typos, and all things inappropriate.  Many of you are excellent proofreaders too, and notice that my postings often have typos – and I urge you to please let me know so I can come back in and correct things!  It’s easy to do, and I would rather know.  Mistakes are made.  People who live in grass houses shouldn’t throw lawnmowers.  So again, please tell me.  Good, we’re agreed.

Now on to my own personal version of Failblog.  Just yesterday, there were 3 new examples.  The first was the drive-through ATM at our bank.  As I sat there waiting for my cash to be spit out through the little slot, I studied the keypad and noticed the BRAILLE DOTS.  IN the DRIVE THROUGH. 

My attempt to take a photo was ruined by the impatient driver behind me, and I accidentally took a video instead…which I can’t upload for some reason, so you’ll have to believe me on this one.

Next, the saloon near the salon where Malcolm was overdue for a haircut.  The pub is called Quotations.  I think if they’re going to paint quotations on their front window, they need to get not only the words, but the name of the speaker, correct.  Citations, people!  We try to teach our kids to hew to the MLA stylesheet, but all around them, adults are just downright sloppy.

family2010 132

When I came home ranting on these observations, Ian went to the basement where his painting studio is located, and returned with the following tubes of oil paints, “because I knew these would bother you, Mom.”  Check out the name of the color.

family2010 135

This is very useful if, and only if, you’re painting Michael Jackson.

Today, I’m collecting more examples of foul-ups, bleeps and blunders from your own observations.  Do tell.
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