nightat museum

We hadn’t had a date in quite some time.  A family date that is, i.e. one in which it is just the four of us.  We tend to get on each others nerves when there is no one else around to distract us.  Yet despite our best efforts no one would go out with us on Saturday night, leaving Dave and I to stare at each other and ask ourselves, “What are we going to do with THEM?” 

Dave is recovering from some sort of injury he incurred doing some sort of activity he can’t remember.  The pain is in his shoulder, but I fear it has spread to the part of his brain that has opinions, which meant I was driving the bus.

“Dinner and a movie?” I suggest. 


“Night at the Museum II?”



His eyes suddenly come to life. (I take note.  In case he evers falls into a coma, just whisper “Spicy Tuna Roll.”)

“Teikoku?” he asks. 

No, that is not the Japanese word for “Sounds like a plan but what I really want to do is send them out to a sleepover and hold you in my arms all night, letting go only to feed you raw cookie dough.”   

Teikoku is a really nice sushi restaurant where we go when we want to blow a lot of money and not feel too terrible about it.  Yippeee!  Off we went.

The evening was a rousing success.  It was completely sophistimicated which is the only way I can describe the combination of a kick ass Poseidon roll and Ben Stiller.  The kids expanded their palate to include eel and salmon rolls, my hubby and I each had a yummy Mojito, and we were all on our best behavior.  And even though it crossed both our minds at the exact same time, Dave and I refrained from taking the munchkins to see “Drag Me to Hell”, which was playing the next theater.  I heard there are some naughty words in that one.  Besides I’ve “been there and done that” having survived this year’s little league playoff season.

Parents who have sat through movies with their children know that any film which an adult can remotely relate to is a Godsend.  Night at the Museum II was so much better than Shark Boy and Lava Girl but it was also one of the goofier flicks which means the brothers L-O-V-E-D it.  We will now endure weeks on end of both of the them repeating the dialogue back and forth to one another incessantly. 

Boom Boom Firepower! 

However, I have to admit that the Ben Stiller / Seth Rogan scene was delightful.

The evening was a reminder of how much I like my family.  And how much I love watching my kids laugh.  These things tend to get lost on me in the last days of school when we are all running in different directions and fighting over stupid things.  But there are moments like tonight when we were walking out into the parking lot after the movie with the kids happily running ahead and Dave and I walking behind them and I think this is the team I want to be on pretty much forever.

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