The decorations I pull out of storage of Easter – like Christmas tree ornaments – stir up so many memories.  The plush Peter Rabbit was a baby shower gift for Ian, and the fabulous cloth-covered book from the 1920s contains my mom’s birth announcement and early baby photos.

I have a small collection of cards and such that I display at Easter.  The tiny photo of a toddler with a stuffed rabbit was found by my mom on one of her thrifting adventures – she probably paid a dime for it.  What a great eye she had.


Then there’s the glossy color postcard of a doll driving a sheep cart, sent to me by my Aunt Libby when she lived in Italy for her first post-college job.  I was probably 5 years old, and this is one of the iconic images of my childhood.

A prized possession:  this decoration from my mother’s baby crib.  I love how well dressed the rabbits are, in their elegant capes. 

This year:  no more plastic Easter grass.  This is on grounds of expense, environment, and irritation factor.  And lots more Cadbury’s Easter Eggs.  These things are the best Easter candy in the world.  Ever.  Although I’ll listen to dissenters.




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