As your children get older, their “famous firsts” become fewer and far between; yet each milestone is far more memorable for them.  My boys will never be able to recall the uncertainty of their first steps, the pain of their first tooth or the thrill in our eyes at their first poop on the potty.

They will, however, remember their first rock concert. boyzconcert4

Last night Dave and I took the boys to see Five for Fighting at The Electric Factory, a standing room only venue.  We hit the trifecta – a great pre-concert family meal at Jones, a spot just a few feet from the stage to watch the show, and pictures and autographs following the performance.  And of course, the prerequisite concert tee which both boys asked if they could wear to school today.   The awesomeness was evidenced by Chase’s smug smile and Noah’s gang signs (makes my heart melt).


boyzconcert5Dave called me Mama Bear as I protected our space so that the boys could see.  When one woman plopped herself right in front of poor Chase just moments before the show began, he looked at me with panic in his eyes.  I told her (very politely) to move.  Another couple was standing a little too close to us so I sang in their ears for the first three songs.  Another situation addressed quickly.  I wasn’t completely obnoxious — just committed to a good time.

I remember my first concert.  I saw Crosby Stills and Nash at the Mann Music center in Philadelphia.  At the time I was not familiar with their music, but I knew “Teach Your Children” and when the band stopped singing so that the audience could belt out the chorus a cappella, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being a part of something bigger than myself.  I think the boys got the same feeling last night.

Times have changed since I was young.  My parents never took me to a rock concert, most likely because they couldn’t stomach whatever music I was listening to at the time.  Yet, I know many parents who have been to a concert with their kids in the last year.  Could that mean the generation gap has narrowed when it comes to musical taste?  I think perhaps yes – but only because we parents are willing to listen and enjoy new music today.  Kids certainly aren’t going backwards; we are moving forward.  My boys won’t listen to Billy Joel, Elton John or Bruce Springsteen (which I must sadly admit are now played on our local oldies station).  But Dave and I will tune into Nickelback, Linkin Park or Simple Plan.  (My condolences go out to those parents of Miley Cyrus fans.  That is one concert I will never be forced to have the opportunity to attend.)

Last night was a fantastic first for the boys — and for Dave and me.   Not only do our kids “firsts” become less frequent as they age, but so do the number of milestones that we can experience with them. 

As the boys posed for this picture with John Ondrasik, I leaned over and thanked him for giving us music that we can enjoy as a family.  His stuff is edgy enough that it’s interesting, but soulful enough that our ears don’t bleed.  I highly recommend all of his CDs but the latest one, Slice, is especially good for family harmony in the car.boyzconcert6

I think everyone is ready for an encore. 

What was your first rock concert?  Who did you go with? What do you remember most?
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