Yesterday was a day of firsts.

Our #1 son was home from college for fall break.  Ian made pizza for dinner, then changed into formal attire to go out and meet friends. But first, he, Hugh, Chris and I had a quick game of Scrabble.  Ian won – not a pure first, but the first time he’s beaten Chris while a college student.  Here’s a quick Hipstamatic shot.

We received a wonderful package of home-made cookies and boutique wine in the mail – and that latter part was a first.   I won’t say from whom, in case she gets in trouble with the postal service for smuggling spirits into the great state of Pennsylvania – but thank you, recent visitor, for the thank you gift!

I made applesauce while Scrabble was going on.  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me it’s so easy?  My Grandma Grace was famous for her applesauce.  Then my dad took up the mantle, and my brother Tom makes it as well…and I guess I always assumed it was a long, drawn-out process.  This year Malcolm asked if we could try it, so I bought a Foley mill at our church fall fair (where the sweet older ladies assured me this was the only tool one needed) -  et voila, the church ladies were right.  That Foley mill is a brilliant invention.  

Finally, the other thing that happened in my day of firsts was a massive sale on etsy.  I went out to take Hugh to work, came home and clicked on etsy in the ever-present and usually vain hope to see if anybody had bought one or two things, and lo and behold, someone had swept through and purchased not just one, not two, not ten, but 55 items!  And she paid immediately!  The most anyone has ever bought at once is, let’s say, four things. 

And in that manner, the week was off to a great start.

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