Excuse me, fellow toddler, could I have some of your Cheerios?

This was Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, 1998. Liam held the Cheerios as Malcolm approached hungrily. Despite living on opposite coasts, these two boys have seen a lot of each other, as our families make it a priority to vacation together almost every summer. Liam’s mom, my incredible friend Lindsay, was back on the East Coast last weekend for the Denison girls reunion.

A lot can change in a decade. Lindsay and I are no longer dressing our boys in adorable but embarrassing one-piece bathing costumes. In fact, we have little say over their wardrobes at all. And from bucket-and-spade holidays, we have moved on to skateboarding camp, which is where these two guys are spending the week.

And now the question is, “Hey man, can I have some of your Red Bull?”

We will restage the photo more perfectly on the last day of camp – they need their skateboards, for one thing – but couldn’t resist this rushed attempt.

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