…a.k.a…FOB.  No, I haven’t finally won a closely fought run-off election.  More like a shady late hour appointment.  After talking briefly with Em on the phone after school yesterday, she informed me that she was coming down with the plague virus that has apparently afflicted every other member of our extended family.  So… rather than taking a sick day or worse (from my perspective), dragging herself out of bed at some ungodly hour to “post,” I have decided to try my hand at being an, ahem… MOB.

My “to do” list for last evening…

… note that it is no longer a “honey…do” list as I am now the acting MOB!:

  • Sign the family up for new health club membership (even though it isn’t listed anywhere as a New Year’s resolution).
  • Hurry home to feed and walk the dog.
  • Check on the boys’ homework (already finished!)
  • Check on Em… semi-conscious curled up in the fetal position in bed.
  • Check on the boys…playing video games reasonably getting along.
  • Go to the garage fridge…ponder the merits of soda vs. beer…opt for the former wishing for the latter…granted this is definitely an FOB trait. Em would go for the Merlot.
  • Prepare dinner for the family…chicken with ketchup and Pepsi… seriously…this one’s pretty good!
  • Check on Em…unconscious.
  • Clean up from dinner.
  • Feed the cat.
  • Take Em’s temperature (99.5)…  I think she was hoping for more?…
  • Try to convince her to “take something”.
  • Work with Chase on his pinewood derby car…wait!  That’s a dad thing!… and a whole other topic I should write about!
  • Break up argument over changing channels during commercials and promptly threaten early bedtimes.
  • Drag myself to the computer to post for the MOB.

Just another typical day.

Get well Em!

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