On this Independence Day, two riddles inspired by actual events at my house this week:

Riddle #1

Q. At what point do you no longer have to nag your husband and sons to spend part of a holiday weekend cleaning out the garage?

A. When said husband pulls down his ice hockey skate off top storage shelf in garage to find that a bird has built a nest in there.


Riddle # 2

Q. At what point does Mom realize that she needs a holiday weekend to do nothing but RELAX?

A. When distractedly rushing through her morning routine on Thursday, she finishes cleaning her face with Clean & Clear and wonders why it took her nail polish off. She then realizes that she has just doused her entire face with nail polish remover. (I am so not kidding on this one.)


Happy Holidays to all the MoB readers!

PS. We tripled our unique visitors in June! There were more than 630 of you who joined us here last month. On behalf of Jennifer and me — thank you, thank you, thank you! We want to hit 1,000 before summer’s end. If you like what you read, spread the word!

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