Ok — we know this puppy was not easy. This Fun Monday assignment was to choose your favorite words or words. And the trouble is – it’s hard to choose. We bloggers love all words. But luckily, these are words and not people so we don’t have to worry about offending the words we didn’t choose.

Please visit all the great bloggers who raised their hands for this one. And be sure to leave them comments to let them know you checked in. Here they are:

MoB readers – tell us your favorite word or words in a comment! And here are our humble opinions:

From Emily

I love the word serendipity. Not only is it underused, whimsical, and pleasing to my ear but if you are saying or writing “serendipity” – it is only means good news. I need more happy coincidences in my life.

I also love the word sultry – but only when used to describe weather. We experience a decent amount of sultry weather in the Philly suburbs. I would rather call it sultry than excruciatingly humid.

I am partial to the word smitten – mostly because of the contented feeling it describes. To me it’s more than just being pleased with someone or something – there is an element of intimacy and ownership to the word. When you are smitten, it is a feeling that is all your own, shared with no one. An internal happiness that puts a smile on your face when no one is looking.

Finally, I love the word marmalade because it’s just so freaking fun to say. Truthfully, I could do without the condiment, but if and when it is offered at a breakfast table, I will ask everyone at the table if they would like some MARMALADE.

From Jennifer

Epiphany. I love the sound and the meaning. Much better than the prosaic “lightbulb moment.”

Hideous. A flexible word with tons of applications. My kids all learned it early.

Taboo, juju, louche. mojo, apropos. Louche means shady in French.

Fun to sprinkle these imported words into conversation.

Schaudenfreude. Taking pleasure in someone else’s misery, usually because of spite. While Germans speak a harsh and guttural language, you gotta love the way they create amazingly specific words for complex emotions.

Summer Afternoon. (not original but great choices anyway)

Years ago I remember reading the results of a poll: “What is the most beautiful word in the English language?” The winner happened to be a French word: “Mirage.”


Special super important note: A reminder that the next Fun Monday host is The Lurchers! And one last thank you to last week’s host Mommy Wizdom for sharing her pointers on how to make this Fun Monday work!

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