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Update: We will post the Fun Monday signup on Sunday evening so everyone will have extra time to share their words. And good news – the next Fun Monday (8/11) will be hosted by The Lurchers. Can’t wait!!

Something new from the MoB! Jennifer and I have agreed to host Fun Monday for August 4th! Each week a different blogger hosts a topic of his or her choice and all the amazing writers from around the blogosphere weigh in on that particular subject matter. Mommy Wizdom was gracious enough to choose MoB for this week’s host site. And we are so excited!


So here is your Fun Monday Topic: Wordly Wise

Words are our building blocks, our stepping stones, and, for many of us, our salvation. We string them together so quickly at times, we often lose sight of how precious they are. So tell us about your favorite word… or if you can’t pick just one, tell us about a few. Are there certain words that feel good the way they roll of your tongue? Do some words make you feel smart? Or silly? Or happy? Which words do you find yourself selecting to put in your posts? Since this response could be a short one, feel free to poll your family and friends and include some of their favorite words as well. If you think a definition is required, please share one. Please keep the words rated G for all audiences. Any language is acceptable, but please provide a translation. And stick to real words as opposed to ones made up along the way. We then challenge everyone to visit the posts on Monday and try to use other bloggers’ favorite words in your blog next week. We can’t wait to expand our vocabulary!

If you want to join our word brigade, please sign up with Mister Linky below. Then come back on Monday, August 4th to link to your posted entry.

MoB readers: We will be asking you to share your favorite words on Monday in the comment sections of our post. So start making your lists!

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments or send us an e-mail. And If you’d like to host Fun Monday on 8/11, let us know in your comments or send us an email. Looking forward!!

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