Kids see the world in fresh and creative ways. Life with children is a bit like doing a long internship with an improv theatre troupe. Much of the comedy is physical and involves props.

Exhibit A: A kiwi. Hairy small fruit from New Zealand, or nocturnal creature eyes?

Exhibit B: Red pepper bits. Something to be crunched, or facial hair? When the concavity of the pepper perfectly fits the convexity of the chin, you can imitate your favorite Phillies player, or an OPEC kingpin.

And of course, eating fondue = dinner theatre. You have the props: those color-coded skinny long forks. You have the comedy: cheese falling off the bread, or two forks colliding. You have the suspense: which item to spear next, and will the bread-to-Gruyere ratio work out perfectly? It makes a game of a daily routine. And kids love being allowed to employ long sharp objects and a small fire on the dinner table in the daily business of staying alive. Most entertaining.

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