I suffered through years of Candyland.  Queen Frostine was my most bitter enemy, and Chutes and Ladders was not much better.  Sitting on the floor with my tow-headed toddlers, spinning a little dial, setting up tiny trains, or putting together Legos was, frankly, incredibly boring.  Not to mention physically painful.  At least I was spared the Barbie dress-up playtime, right?

So once again I must crow about the things that are now fun for us ALL to do together.  Last night, it was Scrabble.  Sometimes it’s Boggle, or Pit, all of which we all enjoy.  A miracle!

Flames crackled cozily in the fireplace, we all sat on chairs or couches around the too-high coffee table that I really must replace, and we had a fun and complete game of Scrabble.  The conversations that crop up are not long, due to the nature of the turn-taking and thinking involved, but they’re entertaining.

“Mom won last time.”
“I think Dad let me, because Leslie was here.”

“I did not let you.”

“Dad, what was that word you put down back in the 80s that made Mom cry?”
“It was TREADLES!  He used all 7 letters and I had no chance!”
“Yes, it was TREADLES and we were playing at Grandma’s house.  Then there was the time I put down a seven-letter word that spanned two triple letter spots…..”

Chris won again last night, which is no surprise.  Malcolm came in second in his first unassisted round ever.  Dictionary skills were polished, and the abbreviation rule was reiterated. 

Best of all, the next time we play, Ian will be on the board.

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