Have you ever done anything to your kid that, in retrospect, would deem you perhaps…unfit to parent?   Consider the case of David Peschl, who was charged with one felony account of child abuse last Friday for allegedly shooting his 9 year old son in the butt with a BB gun.  The child wrote an essay about the incident in school,  and the teacher promptly reported the father to the authorities.  You can read the article here.  Apparently, the boy was blocking the TV and did not move after being asked repeatedly to do so.  Dad, who I guess watches T.V. fully armed, aimed for the butt because he didn’t want to hurt the child badly.  He has apologized and readily admitted to his stupidity.

Let the record show that I would NEVER shoot either of my sons in the butt with a BB gun.  Because I don’t own a BB gun.  And my aim is not so great.

You see Peschl’s mistake struck a nerve with me – and maybe with other parents who have repeatedly asked their child to stop a certain behavior only to be blatantly ignored. I’m not talking about asking a child twice.  I’m talking three or more consecutive and reasonable cease and desists.  Nothing is more infuriating and those that have been there know that this could be grounds for temporary parental insanity.   My head has been known to twist 360 degrees.  Ask Dave.  Not pretty.

I’m not condoning hurting a child in this situation.  I just know what it feels like to lose it on occasion, and feel really badly about it after the fact.  My shameful weapon of choice?   Profanity.  I realize this will not win me any Parent of the Year awards, but a well placed f-bomb from Mom has the same shock value as a BB gun sting.  It has been known to get my children moving in the right direction rather immediately when all else fails.  I’m not proud of it – but it works. 

And, if nothing else,  it certainly adds some color to the boys’ essays the next day.

A happy weekend to all MoB readers!

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