Have you ever been hurt by a friend or loved one’s words or deeds?  Someone close to you behaves inexplicitly badly leaving you scratching your head and rubbing your heart?   The holidays are tough and ripe for opportunities to be unkind to those who deserve better.  Dysfunctional relationships are so common, they have become clichéd.   Yet when it happens to you, it throws you disturbingly off kilter.   

So where is this depressing Christmas Eve missive going?  Stay with me because I truly believe that the Universe tries to maintain a karmic balance on our behalf.  To wit, this week I (and several other fifth grade parents) received the following email in response to a request to donate food for the winter holiday party:

Hello all,

My name is Bill W—– and I live in Warminster PA. My Email address is b—–@comcast.net.  A long time ago one of your group, Ba—- W—– had mistakenly used my email address and I have been getting all of your emails that you send to your group. I would love to attend the classroom party and contribute but have to “decline” as my kids are grown…… I would appreciate that you remove me from your email list. It isn’t that I resent getting your emails but I suppose you really don’t want me on the list

Have a great Christmas


P.S.   Is Ba—- W—- getting the Emails????   My wife loves to bake Chocolate chip Cookies – Shall we send some?

This poor stranger has been mistakenly receiving emails from homeroom parents all year long!  Having been a homeroom parent myself for many years, I think these emails are irritating even when you actually belong on the email list.  He could have been nasty or chosen to be short and blunt.  Yet, he opted to send this kind note and put a smile on my face – one that was much needed this week.

If those who should do better by you fall short, know that there are others, ones who have no reason whatsoever to rise to the occasion, who have the grace to stand tall before you. 

Good Will…or should I say Good Bill… to all MoB readers this holiday season. 

And a very Merry Christmas.

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