Did anyone else feel that little change over the weekend?  You know, it felt like when you’re on a road trip and you cross into one state from another?  And the only reason you know is because you see the sign which reads, “Welcome!  You are now entering (Insert State here).”  But still, the crazy parents make a BIG deal out of the threshold while the kids in the back seat look at you as if you have two three heads.  C’mon, don’t you feel a LITTLE different???

Well, for those of you who had that feeling but just couldn’t put your finger on its origin, I am here to solve the mystery!  Over the weekend for the first time…


That means that more than one thousand different computers have logged onto MoB this month so far.  So to all the MoB readers:   Welcome, You are Now Part of a Readership of Thousands.  Yipeeeeeeeeee! 

Wait.  What’s that you say?  You didn’t feel anything?  Apologies.  I am totally projecting my little dance party on everyone.  Except Jennifer.  I think she is dancing, too.

People often ask me why I blog.  MoB easily consumes several hours each night which could be otherwise spent reading Oprah Magazine, watching Grey’s Anatomy, or feeling chatting up my husband.  So why do it?  Fame?  Fortune?  Sure, if Jennifer and I had to quit our jobs because this blog made so much money, I think we would endure that hardship.  But the truth is I love the connectivity – with family, friends, and people I don’t even know but for some reason come back to hear my goofy thoughts every now and again.  The writing pretty much flows and to the extent I can hit on something here that resonates with all of you out there, it is worth my time.  Nothing thrills me more than when someone says, “you made me laugh” or “I know just what you mean” or “you totally disgust me”.  The fact that, after 10 months on the job, we finally got a little hate mail (See Best Protest Ever comments) is a sign that MoB has arrived!

On this occasion, I have but one request.  Actually two.  The first is:  Let us know who you are!  If you don’t want to publicly identify yourself, that’s cool.  But if you have been quietly reading, send a quick comment and tell us something about yourself – like where you are from, what you do, or why you read.  Fake name, rank and favoriate cereal.  Anything.  We would love to know about you.  And second:  If you like MoB, pass it on!  We promise our content will only get better and we want to celebrate 2000 thousand unique views by the end of the summer.  Ambitious?  Yup.  But that’s how we roll.

Thank you to the Grand MoB readers!!  We are writing entirely for you. 

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