By Monday afternoon I was getting a bit weary of all the Sex and the City talk. Major chick flick. Estrogen fest. X chromosomal experience. New York. Blah. Blah. Blah. I liked Sex and the City on HBO. I watched. I laughed. It was good, red-blooded American gal entertainment. But, puhlease. This movie was NOT the second coming. At least not to me.

But then I went to see it.

To our wonderful male readers: I love you but you may stop reading. This post is not for you. You will not get it. My commitment to gender-neutral blogging entertainment will resume on Friday.

To our female readers. Go. Just go see the movie. But don’t go with just anyone. Choose your posse with care. Go with your best friends. Or your sisters. Go with the girlfriends who show up at your grandmother’s funeral. Or the ones who totally rescue you from your less-than -stellar 23rd birthday. Or the ones who know that you made some undergraduate relationship miscalculations but don’t judge you for it. Because Sex and the City has very little to do with sex and everything to do with friendship.

I went to see the movie with my oldest friend L, and my college roommate, S. (who just happen to have become close friends with one another in their own right, which totally tickles me). It was a night out. But the poignancy was unexpected. I won’t give away the plot but suffice it to say that I welled up more than once. But only during the moments between the four friends. Total girl on girl. I know I am talking about Sex and the City here but it really was all about love and forgiveness. And about caring deeply for the people who matter most.

There are just a handful of humans on this planet who I describe this way:

When I am with them, I am exactly me. Their love and friendship feeds my being. And I leave them completely whole, and bigger than just myself.

Most of these people share my DNA in some form, like my sister. But there are a few others. L and S, to be sure. One lives in Ohio. And a few men to boot – you know who you are. The SATC characters are not molded after my friends — but their loyalty to one another is. I hope everyone out there has a friend who will spoon feed them when they need the help.

But if you go to see Sex, a fair warning: Go out to eat first. Because you leave there wanting to totally spew every secret you ever had to the people sitting next to you. I was best off jumping into mini-van and high-tailing it home before I got too snuggly and verbose.

Two thumbs up – mostly for the company. Yeah, the Sex was pretty good – but I prefer the friendship.

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