I am so jealous of all the young moms who, through blogs, are documenting the lives of their children, from the moment of “congratulations, you’re pregnant” on through all the Firsts:  smiles, rolling overs, steps, teeth, words, day of school, sleepaway camp….  Those are the years of maximum cuteness, and how fantastic to be able to efficiently and fairly share everything with family and friends at the same time.  (MOB reader Nikki just had her first baby, a boy, in April!  Congratulations on your first Mother’s Day!)

Blogging wasn’t invented when my boys were little, but I did manage to write down some of their charming sayings, which I would crank out on the old ditto machine and send via carrier pigeon to the proud grandparents.  In honor of Mother’s Day (the title of this post came from a precious home-made card I once received and now cannot find!!!), here is one gem from each of my boys. 

10/1/97:  Ian, age 6, wants me to come help out in his classroom as other mothers do.  I told him I’m assigned to come in October 17 and that made him happy.  He said “I want you to be in my school always, even when I’m in college.” 

12/3/97:  I went to tuck Hugh, 4, in and said “Good night, sweetie.”  He replied curtly, “Call me sweet bun.”  Perhaps this was an attempt to stake out his own term of endearment, as earlier he overheard me talking to Ian and said huffily, “Ian is not sweetie.  Actually I’M sweetie.”

4/11/03:  This morning Malcolm, 5, announced that when he is a teenager, he will drive safely and have a girlfriend.  And the girlfriend will look like me.  He hastened to add, “Like you as a teenager.”

Here’s to a Happy Mother’s Day to all, whether you’re a mom, a daughter, or both.  As for me, I plan to bask in the sun on Sunday with my sons, after 9 straight days of rain.

 Finally, a portrait of me done in stamp markers, by Ian, age 5. 


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