Desperate 13 year old son NEEDS to make $20 ASAP to purchase a video game accoutrement that will enrich his life beyond anything that he has ever purchased before.  Or maybe he will make said purchase and the exhilaration will extinguish in 36 hours at which point the money have been better served if he lit it on fire.  STILL, rumor has it that this kid who will do ANY JOB to make $20 … long as the job:

  • Does not take longer than 30 minutes in total to complete.
  • Can be finished in a single session.
  • Does not involve walking the dog, doing the laundry, making the bed, cleaning the room, washing the dishes or anything “traditional.”
  • Is fun to do.
  • Does not involve any activity in which the worker’s brother is involved.
  • Is not time sensitive, as in urgent, deadline driven,  or with a specific start time in mind. Ideally it should start when the worker is not “busy.”
  • Is not terribly important as the worker has had a history of changing his mind regarding the level of urgency of his financial situation.

Those interested should contact child directly as any idea which is filtered through his parents is immediately classified as undesirable.  Or you can comment below and we’ll see that he receives the offer.

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