Well, it’s not lonely anymore!  Per Jennifer’s post yesterday, MoB was honored to be granted “the honest and scrappy” award by Elizabeth and Anne at Life In Pencil, a great blog you should check out if you haven’t already.  So, in staying true to the distinction that was so generously granted, here are 10 honest things about me (all worthy of future elaboration on MoB, so thanks LiP for the inspiration):

  1. I always have a crush on someone, although not always the same person and not necessarily in a romantic way.  I can name at least four people (not counting my husband) who I am currently crushing on. (But I won’t in this post.)
  2. I sometimes lie if the truth hurts too much.  Even to myself.
  3. If by some act of God I got pregnant today, I would be equally thrilled and mortified.
  4. I was a nose picker as a child.
  5. I can eat a whole can of cold baked beans for dinner and be very happy.
  6. I like my legs (toned) and my eyes (blue)
  7. I don’t like my shoulders (broad) and my belly (scarred and stretch-marked).
  8. For the last few years I have been sleeping with a satin beanie pillow I refer to as my “wubby”.
  9. I feel like a nagging wife more often than a supportive one, something I am working on in earnest (right sweet pea?)
  10. Of the seven deadly sins, I am guilty most of envy, followed by gluttony, lust and pride; rarely greed and wrath; never sloth.

The award asks that we tag fellow bloggers who we believe are “honest and scrappy” too.  After a conference call last night, we would like to recognize just a few of many deserving bloggers:

Laurie at Walking in my Sleep

Kristin at The Well Read Hostess

Ruth at Lemonade and Kidneys

Terry at HappilyEverAfterBirth

Check em’ out!  And a happy weekend to all MoB readers!


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