I know what you are going to say.  You don’t make a Jewish mother crazy.  It’s in the Torah that we should be this way.  Really.  Truth be told, all mothers carry with them their own personal versions of insanity.  We Jews tend to be a bit control freaky.  Take away our control, you take away our good sense.

Case in point:  Dave and I have scouted the kingdom for a venue to have Noah’s Bar Mitzvah celebration which takes place in October 2010.  Why look so soon?  Because the same places that hold these parties also hold weddings and in case you haven’t heard, October is the new June.  Come the Fall hundreds of nice young couples will begin the one year engagement cycle and look to hold their nuptials at the same place we want to dance the Horah.  I’m feeling a little pressure to book a spot before then.

Unfortunately, none of the places we have visited have spoken to me.  Some were too public, others too dingy, some too pricey, one not available.  I was prepared to settle for the place with the biggest dance floor when I came across another option – The Villanova Conference Center, which is close to our home.  Why hadn’t I heard of this before you might ask?  It could be because Villanova is a Catholic university and doesn’t come to mind as THE DESTINATION SPOT for Bar Mitzvahs.  Until now. 

As we toured the facility over the weekend, Dave and I became more excited.  We traded knowing glances as we both thought the same thing:  Your mother would LOVE this!  Great party space, lovely outdoors, nice staff, and guest rooms where our out of towners can stay.  We would have much of the place to ourselves.  Hail Mary!  We were sold.




But they couldn’t tell us whether or not the place was available on our date.  They thought it might be but couldn’t confirm until the sales manager came in.  At this point, I lose all sense of reality and decide that I have to “sell” my party to them.  I am going to be the BEST client ever.  I will not bother the catering manager with ridiculous requests; I will send the cheeriest emails; I will certainly NOT ask if they can give us a break on the price because they may not like that and turn us down; if we have to book extra rooms to get this place, so be it because it is the best place EVER and I really don’t want to have to settle and I can picture it all now and ….

At this point, Dave packs the boys into the car and leaves town for the week.  For their own protection. Smart man.  

I call the sales manager first thing yesterday morning when he is supposed to arrive at work.  Voicemail.  I leave the NICEST message because that will surely seal the deal.  I’m told I have a very nice voice.  Hours go by.  Should I call again or would that be a turn off?  Doesn’t this guy want to make a sale?  Aren’t we in the biggest recession ever?  Why doesn’t he LIKE me?

Apparently he had a few other things to do in the morning.  Finally, after like 3.47 hours, he calls.  The date is available.  I’m putting the deposit down today. 

Honey?  It’s safe to come home.  I’m bringing us down to Defcom 2. 


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