Yesterday was laundry day but only because I declared it to be.  I really like doing laundry.  Truly.  But maybe that’s because I do it on my own terms.  And interestingly, I do it nothing like the way my mother did laundry.

  • There is no set day.  I throw loads in whenever I want to or when the baskets are overflowing, whichever comes first.  Usually it’s the latter. 
  • I don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets.  I am brand insensitive on laundry detergent although I like the smell of Wisk and Tide (in that order).  But those brands need to be on sale more.
  • I don’t sort.  I think most still people do this, but I’m not sure why.  Colors rarely run anymore.  I just heave it all in – as much as I can possibly fit – pour in the laundry detergent du jour and hit “start”. 
  • I dry everything, except the stuff that will shrink.  I try not to but too much of that stuff.
  • I don’t fold well.  I know this because I have seen both my mother and mother-in-law fold laundry and they have such nice, tight folded clothes when they are done.  Mine are…shall we say fluffy and asymmetrical?  Maybe that’s why I have that little wrinkle problem from time to time.

I like doing laundry because it is one of the few chores that makes me feel like “the lady of the house.”  I realize this is a completely sexist thing to say and many of you are probably screaming at the computer for me to go back to the 1950′s where I belong.  But laundry feels nurturing to me, as if I am taking care of something important.  If we lived in the jungle, I think I would enjoy bringing the clothes down to the river and washing them on a rock.  There is something nicely traditional about washing your family’s garments, even if you don’t do it in the traditional way.  In a similar vain, I know Dave likes to cut the lawn.  I wonder if it makes him feel manly?  

I hope so, because he really sucks at laundry.

What chores do you like, MoB readers?  And why?  Do you do them the same way your parents did?

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