For those MoB readers who are married with offspring, a question: What is the longest time period you have spent away from your spouse and children? Surely we all can say hours, most of us can claim to a day or two, but I wonder how many can say “a week”? If you can’t, you have an off-the-shelf New Year’s resolution waiting for you.

While it wasn’t the longest stretch that I have been left to my own devices, the last four days of solitude were just the right amount of time to clear out the clutter in the play room and in my head. When Dave and the boys left for Rhode Island earlier this week, I felt sad. I knew I was going to miss them and my in-laws. And even though I needed the rest, I wanted to be a part of their trip. Now I almost wish I had more time alone.

Once each year, I implore you to spend a few days by your entire lonesome self, without having to answer, coordinate, support, converse, or listen to your family. (Business travel doesn’t count.) It is incredibly calming without having to think about the needs of anyone, but you. The brain just empties and you feel lighter all around. And missing your family is a really great thing. Everyone reunites, refreshed and really happy to see each other.


My house smells like “boy” again. One of the brothers was snuggled up against me when I woke this morning, having snuck into the bedroom pre-dawn like the ninja he aspires to be, and Dave walked the dog this morning and let me sleep until the late hour of 8:15. And there were souvenirs last night! Thanks, for the three-pounder, hon! I’m glad you guys are home.


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