As further evidence that we are truly crazy parents, Dave and I will travel to Kunkletown, PA this Sunday to pluck Noah from sleep away camp for about 18 hours so he can compete in the semi-final round of Delco Idol Jr. back here at home.  Despite his initial ambivalence towards the competition, Noah has found his groove – and possibly a cute girl or two – and truly wants to continue until the end, whenever that may be.

The competition has been whittled down to 20 children from the original 35 contestants.  In the third round last week, Noah sang Good Riddance (Time of your Life) by Green Day.  He doesn’t have the killer pipes that some of these kids bring to the stage, but he is the only one who accompanies himself on the guitar each week – and his voice is pitch perfect. (At least that’s what his tone deaf mother thinks.)

Each week I walk into the theater thinking that his elimination wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially now that he is at camp, which creates a few hassles to say the least.  But then the kids start singing and find myself crossing my fingers that he stays.  A spot in the final round is perhaps the impetus we need to ask ourselves the question:  Does the kid have something worth pursuing in a more meaningful way?  What that pursuit would entail I have no clue, but it would probably go beyond guitar lessons once a week and hosting a pre-teen band  in our playroom every other month for about an hour until video games take precedence.

On Sunday, they will eliminate another 5 kids.  The final 15 will compete for the title on August 8.

Do I think he can win the whole shebang?  Not really – and I say that in my capacity as president of his fan club.  There are several children in this competition who are classically trained and sing like angels.  But then again, perhaps the best way to choose among the angels is to not to choose – and pick the cute kid with the guitar, the smooth voice, and the hat.

If you are in the neighborhood, come and see for yourself.  This Sunday the competition begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Media Theater.  Email me for more details.  A great weekend to all MoB readers!

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