It’s going to get up to 140 degrees here today, people, and I exaggerate only slightly.  It’s already 102 at my 3rd floor desk.  So as my brain is sizzling,  I will make this brief.  Here are scenes from our kitchen.

This note could only be left by a teenager.  I have not been able to sleep until 11:30 since 1979.  Hugh has to play a tennis tournament at high noon in this beastly heat.

Ian’s second post-it note promised to make another cherry pie to replace this one.

It’s so exciting when your kids are getting paychecks!  Especially “in this economy” – a phrase Chris hates.  Here is Hugh’s first check, hard-earned for washing dishes and mopping floors at a deli/cafe in Swarthmore.

Guess which glass is the most popular?  I would not have expected the little Missouri souvenir to be such a hit, but as soon as it arrived in our house from etsy, it’s been the #1 choice of the boys. 

 Hugh said it’s just the right size for when you want something to drink but you don’t want too much.  Chris pointed out that back in the days of yore, i.e. our childhoods, the standard size for a Coke was 6 ounces.  Everything has been supersized since then, including all the drinking glasses in our cabinet. 

Unlike the other totally plain glasses in our kitchen, this one is clearly identified as the one you put down and wandered away from, intending to finish the last gulps later.  No confusion with the other half-full glasses sitting on and off coasters around the house and porch.

Funny how this little Show Me state glass, originally purchased at a highway rest-shop way back when by who knows who, has been elected most popular by our modern kids. 

Years ago I would have rejected it as very tacky but somehow, it’s cool again.  And it’s a nice shout-out to my midwestern roots.

I have ordered more  souvenir glasses from etsy.  Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois will be arriving soon.

What foods and dishes have been voted most popular in your kitchen these days?

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