Maybe you'll start feeling better if you stop reading WebMD

Around noon yesterday as blizzard conditions set in and the Governor declared a state of emergency, I began to feel the first symptoms of acute appendicitis.  As Chase and I filled cupcake wrappers with dark chocolate batter, I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my RIGHT side.  A cramp.  Hmmmm, I thought. Odd.  It did not go away.  I glanced out the window to the white-out conditions and began my amazing transformation into my alter ego:  The Passive-Aggressive Hypochondriac or PAHCO.  Dah Dah Dah!

It’s aggressive because I immediately assume the worse – in this case my appendix was going to rupture momentarily.  Did I mention it was my RIGHT side? I conduct a few simple tests that I have learned from my days as a gastroenterological intern at Johns Hopkins neurotic mother.

I do the push test where you push in on your tummy and release.  If you have appendicitis, it hurts with the release. It kind of hurt when I pushed in.  Not as much when I released.  Push Release.  Push Release.  Push Release.   Inconclusive. 

I jump up and down, which is supposed to be unpleasant when you have appendicitis.  Jump. Jump. Jump.  Everything hurt when I jumped.  Inconclusive.

I engage in one of the most trusted diagnostic processes of all time.  I call my mother.  She tells me to do the push test and to jump up and down.  Inconclusive 

I let Dave know that my time on this earth is limited and took to my bed computer where I looked up the symptoms and diagnosis of appendicitis on Web MD.  The computer tells me that if I have any of the symptoms listed that I should go immediately to the hospital.  (I had two of the 6 symptoms.) I type in “what if it’s a blizzard outside”.  No results for that search.  Inconclusive.  I wonder what we will do with the kids.  I wonder if we will be able to get off of our street.  I wonder what the neighbors will think when the ambulance arrives.  Suddenly I become completely passive.

I don’t want to cause a scene.  I’m sure it is nothing.   I will feel completely stupid when this turns out to be gas.  A Zen-like calm comes over me. 

It’s okay honey, I’m just going to lie here and rest for a while.  Don’t worry about me and my raging, flaming appendix.  We’re fine.

There is another, technical term for The Passive Aggressive Hypochondriac.  Its called The Jewish Grandmother.

What can I say? I’m precocious.

I lay down on the bed, pulled up the covers, and fell asleep for a few hours.  When I woke up I was feeling better, although not terrific.  But I think I can say I made a full recovery from my acute appendicitis.  Apparently it was the 4-hour kind.   I’ve now moved on to diagnosing more chronic conditions. 

But I’m only researching the ones that can wait to be treated until after our street is plowed.

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