Today’s post comes to you courtesy of The Philadelphia Inquirer who was kind enough yesterday to publish a piece I wrote about my ongoing struggle with “going green.” I’ve received a number of emails criticizing my position but I’m not surprised.  Green behavior is a polarizing issue and probably should be included in that list of topics not to bring up at social functions next to religion and politics.

I wrote the piece to express a point of view that I suspect is shared by others – but it’s a place that not many are willing to admit to standing.  I WANT to go green but my ambivalence is holding me back.  So maybe I should say that I WANT to WANT to go green.  But I’m lacking, uh, inspiration?  I realize it is the ambivalence that offends people – but I am asking for help.  Isn’t that the first step in admitting you have a problem?

If you have another 2 minutes, take a read of the piece (link in the first sentence) and let me know what you think about going green.  Are you light green like me?  Or are you deep, deep, deep forest green?  Tell us here – or better yet, comment over on The Inquirer site.

And as a somewhat random bonus aside:  If you ever have the hiccups and can’t get rid of them – think about the color green.  Stops them every time.  Dead serious.

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