Being self-employed has its benefits, like sneaking out to see a movie during the morning.  This is the kind of impulsive, madcap adventure Chris and I thought we would frequently do when we started our own agency, and yet I think we’ve seen exactly two movies during a workday in the last 26 years. 

Friday was one of those days, and Chris wasn’t even involved.  Girls only!  I met up with long-time friend Laura and her daughter Jane, our god-daughter, to catch Julie & Julia.

We loved it.

We really, really loved it.

After watching all that wonderful food being sizzled, stewed and served on the silver screen, and all those scenes of the City of LIght, we had to find the perfect restaurant for lunch.  La Belle Epoque in Media PA was just the spot.  A charming little French bistro, with Edith Piaf as soundtrack – magnifique.  We tuned out the four toddlers playing in the corner and eventually outlasted them, so in time, it did become the perfect luncheon.  I went outside my comfort zone, again inspired by the movie, and had Prince Edward Island mussels.  Yum.

See Jane.  See Jane’s new cherry blossom tattoo.  Too bad I didn’t get a shot of the adorable, attentive young waiter who was usually lurking nearby.  He gave us excellent service.  I think Jane had something to do with that.  Quel domage for the waiter, she already has a cute boyfriend.

Go see Julie & Julia.  You’ll love it.  We promise.  Bon appetit!



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